Recording / Mixing

Allen is available to record or mix your musical projects in either a traditional recording studio environment, or in his project studio. Affectionately named the Subterranean Asylum, Allen's personal studio has much of the same gear that would be found in a traditional recording ‘studio B' room. See Equipment Listing below.




24 Channel Soundcraft 1600 ‘Producer’ Console with TT patchbay.


2x Yamaha HS8
2x Avantone Mixcubes
2x Alesis M1 Active MK2
1x KRK 10s Subwoofer

Mic Preamps:

24x all discrete mic preamps via Soundcraft 1600 console
2x Heritage Audio HA-73 EQX2 (Neve 1073 clone)
8x Focusrite Scarlett via Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
8x MIDAS-designed mic pres via Behringer ADA8200
2x Presonus BlueTube


1x Serpent Audio SB4001 Stereo Buss Compressor (SSL)
1x Hairball Audio FET/500 Compressor (1176)
1x JLM Audio LA500A Optical Compressor/Limiter (LA2A)
1x Elysia XFilter 500 Stereo EQ
1x Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor/Limiter


1x Rode NT1A
2x Shure SM57
1x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta52
1x Shure SM7B
3x Sennheiser MD421
2x Sennheiser e906
2x Studio Projects B1
2x AKG C430
1x Audix i5
2x Audix D2
2x Audix D4
1x MXL RI44


Waves Ultimate Bundle
FabFilter Total Bundle
Ozone 8 Advanced
Celemony Melodyne


Fender Jaguar HH
Fender American Professional Telecaster
Fender Player Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Danelectro ‘56 Baritone
Epiphone Dot Custom Shop
Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic


Gibson Skylark Model GA-5 - 1962
Vox AC15C1X w/ Alnico Blue Speaker
Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Orange Tiny Terror w/ PPC112C 1x12 Cabinet
Peavey Classic 30

Effect Pedals:

Boss MD-500 Modulation
Boss RV-500 Reverb
Fulltone OCD Overdrive
WayHuge Swollen Pickel Fuzz
Tech21 NYC SansAmp Amp Sim
Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Octave
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff OPAMP Fuzz
TC Electronics Ditto Looper
TC Electronics Polytune 2 Tuner
TC Electronics Polytune 2 mini Tuner
Hudson Broadcast Preamp Clone
Analog Man King of Tone Clone Overdrive
Tone City Angel Wing Chorus
Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive
Tone City Tape Machine Tape Echo
Joyo Vintage Phase Phaser
Joyo Tremolo


Tama Starclassic Performer Birch Kit - 10/12/16/22
Pearl Export Select Kit - 10/12/13/16/22
Custom Built 4 Piece Maple Kit - 12/16/22
Spaun Maple Snare - 14x5.5
Ludwig Supraphonic Snare - 14x5.5
Spaun Coke Bottle Snare - 13x5
OCDP Maple Snare - 13x7
Gretsch Catilina Maple - 14x4.5


Zildjian A Medium Crash - 18/19
Zildjian A Medium HiHat - 13
Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash - 16
Zildjian A Custom Flat Ride - 20
Meinl Byzance Sand Ride - 20
Meinl Byzance Jazz Thin Ride - 20/22
Meinl Byzance Extra Dark Thin Crash - 18/20
Meinl Byzance Sand Hats - 14



Studio Examples